Wrapping Up Our First Spring 2024 Atlanta Riichi League Season!

Wrapping Up Our First Spring 2024 Atlanta Riichi League Season!

The curtain has fallen on our inaugural Spring 2024 Atlanta Riichi League season and what a thrilling journey it's been! We're excited to announce our top three players:

1st Place: David S.
2nd Place: Taylor S.
3rd Place: Tatsuya K.

A huge round of applause to these exceptional players for their outstanding performance! And let's not forget to extend our appreciation to every club member who participated in its maiden season. Your enthusiasm and sportsmanship truly made the league come alive.

I want to express my gratitude to each of you for your patience and support as we navigated through any challenges encountered this season. Rest assured, we're committed to making each subsequent season even more seamless and enjoyable for everyone involved. Starting from May onwards, our seasons will span a full four months, with a six-game minimum requirement. This timeframe will ensure ample opportunity for all members to participate and compete for top honors.

In celebration of our club members's achievements, an event will be held soon to honor our winners and distribute custom 3D printed trophies with filament generously donated by Chris M. These unique trophies symbolize our collective and creative dedication to the game and its community. Thank you for your contribution!

Once again, a heartfelt thank you to all who participated in our inaugural season. I'm already looking forward to the exhilarating matches that lie ahead as we continue to showcase Atlanta's prowess.

If you're eager to join the action, don't miss your chance to register for our club membership before our next Atlanta Riichi League meetup scheduled for May 12th. Let's make the Summer 2024 Atlanta Riichi League season even more memorable together!

See you at the tables!
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